Sunroom: Let Sunlight In, Save Energy

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Everyone is looking for ways to conserve energy, whether it is through the use of hybrid vehicles, energy-efficient lightbulbs, bicycles, or public transit in place of a personal vehicle. Being aware of the effects each of us has on the environment and our energy costs is crucial. Natural sunlight is the most regenerative and cost-free energy source. Here are some suggestions for a sunroom that might help you save electricity while comfortably soaking up the intense natural sunlight of summer days.

Set Up An Acrylic Roof System

There are several benefits to installing an acrylic roof over your covered porch. It provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays while simultaneously allowing natural light to show through thanks to its translucent surface. It is sturdy enough to withstand hail and powerful storms, and even if it sustains damage, the solid panels won’t break. It takes almost no maintenance and is simple to install. The sunroom will remain cool, sunny, energy-efficient, and attractive thanks to an acrylic roof system.

You may save a lot of energy by converting your porch into an enclosed sunroom that can be used as a living space, office, or reading room. But for a homeowner to undertake the renovations might be a major headache. Therefore, employing a qualified expert is beneficial. See some of our prior work in our before-and-after gallery. Once you’re certain, get in touch with us and let us know which energy-saving components you want to have put in your sunroom. You can get a free estimate from us.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

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Sunrooms are largely made of glass windows by nature. But it’s vital to remember that not all windows retain heat equally. familiarize yourself with the glass’s U-factor solar heat loss coefficient. The window will be more energy-efficient the lower the U-factor. The U-factor of single-paned windows is too high for them to be effective glass windows, and as a result, the room will be overheated and stuffy. Look for windows that block the sun’s UV rays while reducing heat. By doing this, you will conserve energy and ensure year-round comfort in your sunroom.

Use Ceiling Fans

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Sunrooms offer a beautiful view, but even with energy-efficient windows, they can get uncomfortable hot during the warmest days of the summer. Consider adding a ceiling fan to keep the space comfortable and cool. In addition to lowering your utility costs, this will help you stay cool on those scorching Texas days by generating a breeze. To move warm air upward through the room in the cold, consider turning the fan’s blades in the opposite direction.

Insulate Properly

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Proper insulation is more crucial to keeping your sunroom pleasant throughout the chill of winter and the intense Texas summer. Weatherstrip all of the room’s frames and make sure all cracks and leaks are completely sealed. When the harsh temps arrive, you’ll be glad you took this precaution.

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