How to Save Money on Energy with These 8 Tips

We scoured the Internet for the best money-saving energy hacks. Check out these easy ways to save energy in your home.

1. Planting trees to keep your home cool

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Planting more trees in your yard has environmental and aesthetic benefits, but did you know it can also save you money? Planting trees on the south or southwest side of one’s home can help reduce your energy bill by up to 25%, according to Organic Gardening. Because the tree branches shield your home from direct sunlight, you will have much less heat in your home and your air conditioner will have to work less. Plus, a nice view of greenery from your window.

2. Towels can be used for weather-stripping

Towels are the best DIY weather stripping. Especially in apartments if you are not allowed to make any adjustments to your apartment, a rolled-up towel can be used as temperature stripping. Roll up towels and place them around drifty doors and windows in the winter to keep warm air inside.

3. Washing your clothing in cold water

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Mother Earth News reports. According to the website, you should wash all of your garments in cold water. It can be just as effective as washing your clothing items in hot water with a cold-water detergent, and it will cost you a lot of money on water heating costs. According to the website, cold water washing will only cost $0.03 per load.

4. Sort out wrinkled garments in the shower

When you use Style Caster’s cool hack, there is no need to waste time and energy on an iron. Because once you take a shower, hang up a saggy shirt or dress in your bathroom. In about 10 minutes, the steam will help sort out an unkempt garment. You will want to get it as close to the steam as you can without getting it wet. Furthermore, maintain the bathroom door closed to keep the steam in the room.

5. Place a bottle of soda on your toilet tank

When it comes to water conservation, you may not really think of your toilet, yet you can easily modify it to consume less water. We simply love this tip: Put a 2-liter bottle of soda in your toilet tank to save water with each flush. Wash the bottle of soda and eliminate any labels before filling it with water and placing it in the tank with a few rocks or marbles. According to this site, using this simple trick could save a family of four 3,000 gallons of water per year.

6. Run your ceiling fan clockwise in the winter

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Ceiling fans are not just for use in the summer. In the winter, use the device to keep your house warm. Mom 4 Real suggests changing the guideline of your ceiling fan in the cold season to push excess heat down. You will need to utilize your heater less frequently and save a lot of money on electricity bills. Nevertheless, in the summer, ensure the fan is rotating counter-clockwise. This creates a draft, which can help you stay cool.

7. Using a power strip will stop standby power

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When electronics, such as game consoles, are in standby mode, they continue to consume power. These hidden energy squanderers may be responsible for up to 10% of total power consumption in the United States. Together We Save provides this simple—but brilliant—trick for preventing phantom energy. Simply attach your devices to a power strip. When you are not using your devices, you can turn everything off. You won’t have to unplug each one individually, allowing you to optimize your energy savings. If you are ready and able to spend a little money, consider investing in a smart power strip, which can automatically turn off power to an unused device.

8. Fan blades should be 12-degree pitched

If you want to save money on cooling, try this tip to make sure you’re getting the most benefit from your ceiling fan. To improve airflow and keep your home cool, ensure your ceiling fan blades are pitched 12 degrees. Anything further forces the fan motor to work harder. Anything less will result in less air circulation.

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